12 AprIs It Possible To Get Free Penis Enlargement Products?

Penis enlargement products are typically quite expensive when bought on the consumer market. For a standard penis pump, you could be looking at upwards of $100 just to buy it, and extra on top of that for shipping depending on where you live.

Given the economy today, many people simply can’t afford this. Therefore, there are a few companies which are now offering free penis enlargement products to consumers, either as a giveaway or as a promotional tool. Let’s take a look at what is out there and which free penis enlargement you might be able get your hands on!

Free Penis Enlargement Products as Promotions

Penis enlargement products certainly aren’t your typical promotional item, and you would hardly see them being given out as a reward in mainstream shops. However, a number of online stores are now offering penis enlargement products for free to their customers if they are buying other adult related goods.

For example, one store we came across which was in the adult industry to begin with, was offering a free penis pump for anyone who spent more than $100. In this respect, it is certainly possible to get your hands on free penis enlargement products; however it does still require that you spend a bit of money to begin with.

End of Line Clearances

Whilst it might not be technically free, paying $10 for a penis enlargement product which was originally worth upwards of $150 is certainly still a bargain and is pretty much free if you think about it. This often happens when products come to their end of their shelf life, or suddenly become obsolete as a result of a new product launching.

For example, let’s take the example of herbal supplements which are about to expire. Technically, it is difficult for a company to sell expired goods for the same price as non-expired goods, and therefore, this could well result in the price being lowered.

If the freebie is not an herbal supplement, it might be a penis pump. In this case, the reason for the giveaway might be that the company which once produced that product as its main line might have refreshed the line and are now producing a newer version.

Assuming that the pricing details are the same for both products, it would be fair to assume that consumers who are looking to pay full price will almost certainly want the newer product rather than the older. Therefore, to get rid of excess stock of the previous line, the company will offer then at a fraction of the normal price.

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